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MCC OilGas Company ( Joint-Stock ) in Malta, UK, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Panama, USA and Hong Kong –
We Have The Greatest Sales Network Then Ever,Specialized To Sell Any Quantity of Crude Oil all around the world!!!

Dear Sirs, follow our informations and reference;
Subject: MCC Holding Company – corporate identity
We are in the business of oil and gas marketing facilitation,buy and sell at global level for decades, since March 1980 in Switzerland as MCC OilGas Company A.G.

In our venture to expand our span of collaborative partnership in this business we searched for new leading global companies dealing in the stated business. The name of your company comes to us as a leading business organization in the world trade.

As a group we are handling a variety of products including oil and gas. The product range we deal in is fairly wide. Our affiliate business groups deal in gas filling stations, compressors, dispensers, gas transport and similarly crude oil products like REBCO, SLCO, BLCO, JET FUEL, D2, M100, LIGHT CRUDE OIL, LNG, MEREY16,Alluminiunm,GOLD and Bitumen. We also cater for meeting Sugar, Cement, Urea, Iron ore, Used rails , Hms I & II, Scrap, Gold and Rice requirements of our customers.

Most of our business contacts are large refineries and other oil producing companies who deal in the subject area on a large scale. Considering your company size and reputation and our devotion in marketing / consultancy in oil and allied fields we extend our invitation to join us as your collaborative business partner and give us the opportunity of serving our mutual interest in the expansion of business.

Our affiliates / collaborative partners are spread all around the glob; prominent countries who deal as partners with us are USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Austria, Cyprus, Holland, Turkey, Germany, UK, Japan, Malaysia and India etc. With this background of global trade we are reaching you with a hope to extend our assistance / facilitation as your mandate or facilitator in your crude oil sales / purchase contracts.

We are also in contact with large business investors who can invest in your respective countries depending upon the terms and conditions which investors and your companies can agree to work together. We deal in currency exchange normally conversion from Euro to Dollar and Dollar to Euro. We are also affiliated with large management and financial consultancy firms around the glob and as such have the capability of providing management services in both the stated fields and any other field which our client may request.

So at the end of all we can say that we are a Big Crude Oil Company made in switzerland with more than 231companies partecipation and 950offices all around the world all focalized to buy and sell REBCO, SLCO, BLCO, JET FUEL, D2, M100, LIGHT CRUDE OIL, LNG, MEREY16,Alluminiunm,GOLD and Bitumen and other commodities in the best way using our very impressive network of agents and suppliers.

Recent history:
In a strategic business deal, MCC Holding Hong Kong Corp.Ltd (part of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and SINOPEC) recently acquired the Major % of the shares of MCC OilGas Limited, MALTA and MCC OilGas Company – AG Switzerland and moved its headquarters to Paris, FRANCE. Shares of MCC Holding SA and MCC Holding Ltd (UK) also transferred into the Hands of MCC Holding, Hong Kong Corp. Ltd. in China. With this Step, MCC OilGas Company Limited in MALTA has become the “de facto” the mother-company of all MCC OilGas company in the world with huge prospective to implement their operative and logistic offices in MALTA as situated into a strategic area of the Mediterranean Sea.

Paris, perfect for the public relations, will be the new operative HQ of MCC OilGas Group instead of Switzerland under the umbrella of MCC Holding and the management of MCC OilGas Company Limited, MALTA which is partially owned by Baron of Little Staughton and MCC Holding Hong Kong Corp.Ltd., China.
We are United Nations registered company for buy & resale Military Weapons!
So MCC Group of Companies are constituted by:

  1.  MCC OilGas Company AG ( Switzerland ) – ( sold to MCC OilGas Hong Kong Corp. Ltd. – Hong Kong )
  2. MCC OilGas Company S.A. ( Luxembourg ) – ( operative under the France HQ )
  3. MCC OilGas Company Limited ( Malta ) �����
  4. MCC OilGas Hong Kong Corp. Ltd. ( Hong Kong ) –
  5. MCC OilGas Company SA ( Panama ) –
  6. MCC OilGas Company Ltd ( UK ) –
  7. MCC OilGas Company Inc ( U.S.A. ) –
  8. MCC OilGas Company – Holding ( U.S.A. ) –
  9. MCC Consulting FZE ( U.A.E. ) –
  10. MCC Holding S.A. ( Switzerland ) –
  11. MCC Investment S.A. ( Switzerland ) ���
  12. MCC Investment Ltd. ( UK ) –
  13. MCC Consulting A.G. ( Switzerland )������ –
  14. MCC Consulting Ltd. ( UK ) –
  15. MCC Holding (Honk Kong) Corp. Ltd. ( China ) – ( THE MOTHER HOLDING! )
  16. MCC Aviation Limited ( Malta ) –
  17. MCC Aviation Ltd. ( UK ) –
  18. MCC Aviation Inc. ( USA ) –
  19. MCC Aviation Limited ( Switzerland ) – ( Joint Venture Partner of MCC Aviation Limited Malta )
  20. MCC Holding Limited ( Malta ) – ( subsidiary of MCC Holding Kong Kong Corp. Ltd. – China )
  21. MCC Oil Shipping Company Ltd. –

Our company facebook is :
Our Foundation (BLF Royal Foundation) in New York :
We suggest always to give a look to our dedicated site on the Fraudsters:
And also our Blacklist section:
Furthermore the holding of the group “MCC Holding Hong Kong Corp.Ltd.” own the major public quota of shares for the Russian Old Refinery “OOO Industrial Enterprise Kirishnefteorgsintez (OOO KINEF)
Furthermore MCC OilGas is subsidiary company of StatOil in Malta region.
Look at The new spot TV
And for the Aviation:
Cordially, yours,
Baron of Little Staughton

( Member of Sovereign Military Order of Malta )
…Semper Paratus (Latin: “Always Ready”)…You can call me also via SKYPE network :: add our business account “mccgeneva” or Blackberry PIN 284629F6
ARAMCO REG.NO.: 4407144384345
MCC OilGas Company (Joint Stock Company) – MALTA & Switzerland ::
REFINERY NO,: 2102604821942 – ARAMCO CUSTOMER NO.: 4482976819103
United Nation Marketplace Registration Number is 209027

MCC OilGas Hong Kong Corp.Ltd. ( Joint-Stock Company )
Baron  of Little Staughton
President & Group CEO
Operative Office : 20, rue Adrien Lachenal – 1207 Genève, Switzerland
tel.: +41.22.533.02.01

MCC OilGas Company ( Joint-Stock Company )
Baron of Little Staughton
President & Group CEO
H.Q. Central Office : 16 Place Vendome, Paris 75001 France
tel.: +338.
FAX: CH:+41 (22) 518.08.98, USA:+1 (859) 201-2788
California +1 (949) 258-5869,NYC +1 (347) 287-6773

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