Fraud Alert

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Beware of Fraud
To all site visitors and MCC OilGas counter parties,
It has come to our attention that certain parties have begun using MCC OilGas’s name and business reputation as the basis for their attempts at fraud. Generally the fraudsters offer to set up partnership with the company, promising outstanding business growth and returns in a very short timeframe and with only a minor investment.

Some of these offers have begun to appear on the Internet. Typically these are offers to broker contracts in exchange for an upfront fee. To create the illusion of affiliation with MCC OilGas, these offers often contain links to the MCC OilGas corporate site and provide our contact details, even to the extent of using personal contact details for MCC OilGas’s management.

These offers and announcements are in no way associated with MCC OilGas.

MCC OilGas only sets up partnerships in person with representatives from partner organizations. We do not communicate or offer guarantees to counter parties in documents sent by email.

Our Company instruct all the documents to be sent to our Refineries via Swift MACUG platform ( )

As any real Oil company, we use Swift to exchange documents and informations between the Supplier ( i.e. Refineries for example ) and our Banks and our end users.

“SO NO DEAL CAN BE DONE BY EMAIL WITH MCC OilGas OR ANY COMPANY OF MCC GROUP” – if you think to receive a Sales and Purchase Agreement into a normal e-Mail this can be only a SCAM !

So be aware of this – ONCE AGAIN : MCC OilGas COMPANY, DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY EMAIL DOCUMENTS BUT ONLY SWIFT AND CERTIFIED DHL ( Notarized each page by a Public Notary Office )


So To avoid any financial loss,please look out for the signs of fraud listed below.You may be dealing with fraudsters if:

  1. You receive an emailed offer to partner with MCC OilGas or its subsidiaries. Email attachments may include a draft contract or sample purchase order (ICPO) and bank reference. MCC OilGas and its subsidiaries do not send out this kind of offer and do not offer supply guarantees over the Internet or by email nor do they grant such powers to third parties.
  2. You are offered better than market conditions and a significant profit.
  3. Before officially signing the contract, you are asked to transfer money to cover certain services, such as handling some form of paperwork (visas, invitations, permits), contract authentication or activation with state bodies or ministries (n.b. this is not required by Russian/Swiss/European/UK & U.S.A. legislation), covering transportation fees or organizing a trip for a delegation from your company to visit Russia or any other country where we have a refinery for a supposed meeting in MCC OilGas office to sign the contract (Table Talk Meeting — ???), etc.

Please also note that MCC OilGas does not check deals with organizations outside the company.

If you receive a business proposal from any companies with a domain name similar to MCC or those of its subsidiaries or if you have any doubts about deals planned with our company, please contact MCC OilGas immediately using the contact details below.

MCC OilGas Company A.G.
Rue du Rhone,14
1204 Geneva
Information Hotline:
Telephone: +41 (22) 533-02-01
Fax: +41 (22) 518-08-98

If you are the victim of fraud, please report the crime to the security services in line with your local legislation.

MCC OilGas highly recommends that you ignore any suspicious business proposals. On no account should you transfer any money.

We collect information about fraudulent schemes in order to ensure the security of our potential counter parties. Please let us know if you are exposed to any attempts of fraud.

Examine business proposals carefully and do not transfer money to anyone.

MCC OilGas COMPANY do hereby use this medium to inform and warn the general public both our domestic and foreign buyers against any transactions with unauthorized market impostors and fake representatives company trading with our company name, documents, fax and logo, with forge fictitious export proposals for petroleum products sales on the Internet websites and through electronic-mails claiming to be acting on behalf of MCC OilGas COMPANY.

MCC OilGas COMPANY do not have any legitimate business relations and agreement with this fake impostors and MCC OilGas COMPANY do not offer guarantees of sales and delivery of our petroleum products through the fake impostors, unauthorized traders and unapproved representatives companies. MCC OilGas COMPANY will take legal action through the court of law in order to stop and terminate the false and fraudulent activities by any unauthorized market impostors damaging our company reputation.

MCC OilGas COMPANY officially and legally buy and resale petrochemical products through our affiliate company sales and import/export department boldly written on the contact page of our official website (, which bypass any intermediaries when concluding contracts. The legitimate and official information about import/export and buy & sales of petroleum products of MCC OilGas COMPANY should be directly send to our email ( for legitimate transaction with our company.

Offer received on the internet with the below following information website and emails should be consider as fake and not genuine.

MCC OilGas COMPANY will not be responsible towards any risk related to the use of any information places on the mentioned websites. We hereby inform and warn the general public to report directly in case you receive any commercial proposal or documents relating to MCC OilGas COMPANY to our informational department through our official email address (

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