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We are in touch with INTERPOL using the contact details below. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate department.
General Secretariat
200, quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon
Report a crime
Criminal activity will be also reported to your local police department or your National Central Bureau (NCB).
Please refer to our page on Financial fraud for further information on common frauds sometimes involving the INTERPOL.
If you believe you have a case of fraudulent use of the Organization’s distinctive signs, please use the below form to report.

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ARAMCO REG.NO.: 4407144384345

MCC OilGas Company (Joint Stock Company) – France ( SA ), Malta ( Limited ), UK ( Ltd ), USA ( Inc ), UAE ( FZE ) and Swiss:

REFINERY NO: 2102604821942 - ARAMCO CUSTOMER NO.4482976819103

UNGM Vendor Registration Number is : 164494 and 209027

SKYPE ID: mccgeneva
Blackberry PIN: 21AB2DBB


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Ing.Josef Vavřík - Financial advisor MCC Consulting AG - Czech Republic HQ Office Falsifying a bank document from Mrs.Denisa Burzova from company EKONSTAVMAT a.s. in Slovakia

The borrower - Ms. Denisa Burzova from company EKONSTAVMAT a.s., presented POF, which was confirmed by the bank CSOB.\r\nThe question - if the bank CSOB bank exhibited this confirmation, we got this information:\r\n\r\nFrom: LOEBLOVÁ Marianna [] \r\nSent: Wednesday, August 01, 2012 11:12 AM\r\nTo: Dr. Josef Vavrik - MCC Consulting-Financial Advisor for Czech Republik. Middle East and Russian\r\nSubject: vyjadrenie k podaniu\r\n\r\nDobrý deň,\r\n\r\nDovoľte, aby sme Vám touto cestou odpovedali na Vaše opakované.\r\n\r\nVami predložený dokument nebol vystavený zo strany Československej obchodnej banky, a.s.\r\n\r\nS úctou\r\n\r\nMarianna Loeblová\r\nPracovník pre riešenie podaní klientov\r\nOdbor kontaktného centra\r\nČeskoslovenská obchodná banka, a. s.\r\n\r\n\r\nin translation:\r\n\r\nYour submitted document has not been issued by the Czechoslovak Trade Bank, as (CSOB a.s.)\r\n_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ernst Brandenberg Big Scammer and Time Waster : Bela Berzegova - BELINVEST LLC

probably Scammer name:\r\nBELINVEST LLC, a Limited Liability Company, legal address at Krasnodar City, Kozhevennaya st.42, Russia; represented by Mrs. Bela Berzegova, identified by Passport number 710325354, Russian Citizenship\r\n\r\nreported to Interpol in Switzerland,Genève 12/04/2013\r\n\r\nSubject: non performed financial Agreement \r\n \r\nAGREEMENT/ CONTRACT\r\nTML 23.03.13 / REQUEST OF A DEBIT LINE FOR PROJECT FINANCE for 10\'000\'000 USD$ ( Ten Million USD$ ) \r\n\r\nCUSTOMER Bank’s Banking details: \r\nName of the Bank: Closed Joint Stock Company \r\nBank Address: Russia, Krasnodar City, Severnaya Street, 400\r\nAccount Name: Belinvest Little Liability Company\r\nAccount Singatory: Belinvest LLC\r\nAccount numbeR: 40702840200000100376\r\nBank Officer: Sveltana Baracnikova\r\nTelephone: +7 861 210 9879\r\nFax: +7 861 210 98 78\r\nemail:\r\nSwift: IMBKRUMM\r\n\r\nBrief Description of Corporate Activities: Fake investments to construction and Gang of Thiefs\r\n\r\nBela Herzegova \r\nTile: General Director of BELINVEST LLC . The Scammer!\r\nPassport No. 71 0325354\r\nemail :\r\nmobile: +7 938 4064004\r\nNationality of the Scammer: Russian\r\nDate of Birth : 22 June 1982\r\nSSN: 010502636442\r\nAddress: Krasnodar region, Krasnodar City , Koznovennaya Street, 350/20\r\n\r\nThe client is totally non reliable! A real dangerous international fraudster!\r\n\r\nwe ask to everybody if in contact with those peoples to report them to our law firm\r\nBest regards\r\n \r\nDr. Ernst A. Brandenberg\r\n_________________ \r\nBRANDENBERG\r\nAdvokatur und Notariat\r\nPoststrasse 9, CH-6300 Zug\r\nTel.: +41 43 500 22 24\r\\r\nskype: ernst_brandenberg_nutariat\r\n\r\nMCC Petroli Company A.G.\r\nLegal Department Office \r\nSafety department - ( Against Any Oil/Commodities & Financial Crimes )\r\n\r\npoststrasse 9 - 6300 Zug\r\nSwitzerland\r\\r\n_______________________________________________________________________________________________

Sir Jonathan Alfred Big Scammer APEC LOGIC INVESTMENTS

Be Aware of this scammer : APEC LOGIC INVESTMENTS\r\nAPEC GROUP PTY LIMITED established 1978\r\nAPEC LOGIC INVESTMENTS PTY LIMITED established 1995\r\nOffices: AUSTRALIA\r\n EDGECLIFF CENTRE\r\n 203-233 New South Head Road\r\n EDGECLIFF \r\n NEW SOUTH WALES\r\n AUSTRALIA\r\nPostal Address:\r\n Post Office Box 788\r\n EDGECLIFF NSW 2027\r\n NEW SOUTH WALES \r\n AUSTRALIA\r\nTelephone: + 612-9327-7373\r\nSkype: \r\nEmail Contact:\r\nWeb Page: \r\n\r\nSINGAPORE:\r\n San Centre\r\n 171 Chin Swee Road #04-04\r\n Singapore 169877\r\n\r\nTelephone: [65] 6534 0324\r\nFacsimile: [65] 6534 2952\r\nemail:\r\nweb page:\r\nSkype kslimkoonsang\r\nEmail Contact Singapore:\r\n\r\nCHINA: APEC Logic Investments\r\n No. 235 JiaHe Road Room 2217\r\n SiMing District\r\n Xiamen City 361012 \r\n Fujian Province China\r\n\r\nTelephone: 86 139 0222 4492\r\n\r\nEmail Contact China:\r\n\r\nMr Jerry Goh - APEC Representative Director\r\n\r\nVIETNAM : Nguyen Nhu Thang\r\n Chief Executive Officer\r\n MinhViet JSC\r\nand\r\nVEIA Deputy General Secretary\r\n No. 72, Lane 95/8 Chua Boc Str.,\r\n Dong Da Dist., HaNoi VIETNAM\r\nMobile: 0903421903\r\\r\\r\nWEB:,\r\nEmail:\r\n\r\n\r\nBANGLADESH : Mr. Sardar Zakir Hossain\r\n APEC Senior Representative\r\n Z.M.Trade Exchange Emporium.\r\n House No:-332/A, Road No:-10\r\n East Goran, Dhaka-1219.\r\n Bangladesh.\r\n\r\nPhone:-880-2-7216117\r\nMobile:-880-1713030278/01613030278\r\n\r\ and\r\n\r\nMessange ID:-\r\nSkype:-zahanker\r\\r\\r\n\r\nAPEC Logic Investments\r\nEmail Contact Bangladesh:\r\nMr. Sardar Zakir Hossain - APEC Senior Representative\r\n\r\nBangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka \r\n\r\nand those lists of scammers fake mandates and associates:\r\nMr Ziad with passport number EH 302226 \r\naddress : 76 , Fichmoor \r\nCM18 6UF \r\nESSEX \r\nUK \r\n\r\nMr Ziad is a well known scammer in NEW YORK and his scam company called EASTERN ENERGY MINES LIMITED \r\nZiad K. Abdelnour\r\nPresident & CEO\r\nBlackhawk Partners, Inc.\r\n445 Park Avenue\r\nNew York, NY 10022\r\nTel: 1-212-452-0743\r\nFax: 1-212-202-6166\r\nCell: 1-917-678-3767\r\nEmail:\r\nSkype: blackhawkventure\r\nTwitter:\r\nWeb:\r\n \r\nALL CROOKS SCAMMERS AND INTERNATIONAL FRAUDSTERS!\r\nBest Regards\r\n_________________________________________________________\r\nmcc Investment S.A./mcc Holding S.A./mcc Consulting A.G.\r\nLegal Department\r\nLawyers\r\nJonathan Alfred, Attorney, Geneva Area, Switzerland\r\n_________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ing.Josef Vavřík - Financial advisor MCC Consulting AG - Czech Republic HQ Office Fraudulent behavior of the applicant for a loan to company EKONSTAVMAT

OFFICIAL BANK STATEMENTS (ČSOB a.s.) about the scammers - Denisa Burzova from company EKONSTAVMAT a.s. in Slovakia\r\n\r\nWe are in receipt of your urgent FAX and email regarding the content sent from Mrs. Burzova Denisa on behalf Ekonstavmat corporation.\r\nI can tell you and i will confirm via Swift to your Bank Officer in HSBC, as we got already their request via Swift MT799,\r\nThat this company \"EKONSTAVMAT\" have never issued any payment on your behalf\r\nWe have no Pay Order or any formal request of payment for MCC Petroli /nor HSBC London HQ.\r\nFurthermore this client is totally not reliable and have no sufficient funds to cover that invoice as i saw in attachments from your email!\r\n\r\nWe as Bank, will keep in touch with the regional police authorities and submit the matter because probably \r\nThis company have tried to defraud/scam your estimated corporation.\r\n\r\nIf you firm, continue to receive furthermore fake emails or statements from this company on behalf CSOB, please \r\nLet me know immediately so we can persecute them via the authorities.\r\nI am sorry for all of this – honestly into our country we know that the purpose for a lot of people is to scam and defraud.\r\nBe ware and very strict to don\'t allow to those dangerous companies to stole funds from your company.\r\nWarms regards,\r\n\r\n_________________________\r\nCSOB Headquarters\r\nPodnety Kilentu – Bank Officer\r\nAddress Radlicka 333/150, 150 57 Praha \r\n\r\nPhone 224 111 111 \r\nE-mail\r\n\r\nBIC (SWIFT) CEKOCZPP \r\nData box 8qvdk3s \r\nPhone 800 300 300, from abroad +420 495 800 137\r\nE-mail\r\n_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name Email Title List File
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